In a recent study in India, an average adult spends over 10 hours a day between their laptops & smart phones while the kids spend anywhere between 3 to 5 hours a day on tablets & mobile phones.

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And this study was pre-lockdown. Post Lock down, the dependence on Laptops, Mobile phones and Tablets have increased by at least 50%. Little do they realise that they are absorbing a lot of Blue Light Rays. This gets worse with usage of mobile during the nights.

These blue rays are constantly absorbed by our eyes. And this light penetrates and goes right up to the retina and possibly damages sensitive cells. And Retina is the one that is connected to the brain and sends signals about what you are seeing.

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While this is serious, there are also several less intense damages and changes blue light causes. For e.g. This can induce eye-strain, eye-fatigue apart from causing insomnia. These can lead to several related health issues.

Please see our smart blue coating to help with these affects.

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