Varifocal lenses are a multifocal lens, also sometimes called progressives, Varis, or Multi-Focals. They contain a progression of focal power to help you see at different distances. Depending on your prescription, they can help you with at least two of the three vision zones which could be for close, intermediate and distance vision.

Varifocal Lenses Reglazemyspex

The upper portion of a varifocal lens is for distance. The middle portion is for intermediate viewing. And the lowest portion is for close work, mainly reading

Unlike bifocals, varifocals have no visual segment on the lens. Instead, they have a spectrum of power from which you can “visually select” to see in-focus.

What is the corridor on a Varifocal lens?

varifocal lenses contain zones which let you see at different distances. The top of the lens is for distance vision whilst the bottom of the lens is for close vision. Between these two sections is the ‘corridor;’ a section for intermediate viewing which blends the distance and near powers.

Regardless of their quality, varifocal lenses always contain unusable areas of visual distortion at their outer edges. This distortion truncates in the middle of the lens which creates the ‘corridor’ in the intermediate section.

See the example below.



Reglaze My Spex Offer three types of lenses which are categorised by the way they’re made and the width of ‘visual corridor’ they provide. These can be determined as freeform, Gold or Platinum Varifocal lenses.

What are FreeForm varifocal lenses?

FreeForm varifocal lenses are our entry level varifocal, offering a standard field of view at all distances with minor distortion in your peripheral view.

Our FreeForm varifocal lenses are recommended if you’ve never worn varifocals before as this is the least amount of change making it easier for longer periods of usage and less fatigue and allowing you to become accustomed to using varifocals.

What are our Gold varifocal lenses?

Our Gold level varifocal lenses are our more premium freeform varifocal which offer you a wider field of view for reading and distance with significantly less distortion in your peripheral view.

Our Gold varifocal lenses are recommended if you’ve worn varifocals before and are accustomed to how to use them. These lenses have a more ‘eased’ corridor length offering greater distance and reading in the lenses than a standard lens equivalent.

What are our Platinum varifocal lenses?

Our Platinum varifocal lenses accommodate both your frame shape and your prescription. Together, this generates an optimised freeform varifocal to provide the best and widest field of vision in all distances. They have minimal distortion in your peripheral vision.

Our Platinum varifocal lenses are recommended if you’ve been wearing varifocals and seek a tailored lens suited to your individual style and positioning of wearing your glasses. This option maximises your lenses and puts less strain on your eyes over long periods of use.

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