Reglazing your glasses is a great way of saving money on new eyewear. Glasses are an important part of everyday life and you should always choose a pair that looks and feels good for you, we also appreciate that new spex can be costly, especially if you have a new prescription every one or two years.


But in most cases you are happy with the frames you already have, they are comfortable and sit perfectly of your face being attached to you for so long. So you can save money by using a reglazing service. Not only will reglazing your glasses help you save money on a new pair of spex but it also comes in handy if you’re a clumsy glasses wearer too. Because if you scratch/break/damage your lenses, you can easily send them off to be reglazed with Reglaze My Spex.

Make Your Eyeglass Reglaze

In most cases, you will have a new eye test every one or two years depending on your situation, and for the majority of the time your frames are still in good condition or may need a slight service and clean up. Reglazing your glasses is the most cost effective way of getting a new product and saving a lot of money in the process.

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