Glasses are expensive. We all agree on that point. That only gives us a hundred reasons not to buy a new one. And we have way too many reasons that call for an emergency glasses replacement. You might have a change in prescription, and you will want an easy way out to not let your wallet cry. You might be saving for the latest PlayStation or an iPhone. Or you might have an impulse in-game purchase that has left you scratching for pennies. The thing is, not everyone can afford a stylish pair of glasses ever

Should I reglaze my Spex?

Glasses wearers have plenty of glasses that lie around. You might have misplaced them and found them back after days when you have already bought a replacement for them. It’s an enigma. Only long time glasses wearers can understand. How they cannot find their glasses when they have been sitting in front of their eyes for ages.

Well, anyways, such a lost pair of glasses pile up with no use whatsoever. Take them out and send them for reglazing.

Is it cost-efficient? Of course, it is.

You don’t have to get an expensive pair of frames again. If your frames are in good condition, getting reglaze glasses are the best option. If there is an issue of misfit, you can deal with it by simply tinkering with a small screwdriver.

So, don’t keep pondering ‘should I’ Reglaze My Spex all the while. Try it for once and know the pros and cons yourself.

Why Reglaze My Spex

why not? If you are looking for ways to reduce your eyewear cost, why not try Reglaze My Spex. We offer Reglaze service for a minimum price of £6.99 You might have already thrown money into your expensive eye test, then you are buying new pair of glasses. You might choose something decent with just functioning eye lenses. Don’t go down that route.

Get your frames, choose the best quality lenses from us and then send your frames for reglazing. And believe me, your final purchase cost will not exceed your expectations. Check it out. with such affordable costs.

You can get blue light lenses with your prescription for a fraction of the costs from the high street. You can even fit tinted lenses into the bill and still not break a sweat.

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