Anti Scratch Coating

Anti Scratch

Scratch-resistant coatings provide lenses with durability and increased longevity. A high quality thermally cured dip hard coat provides the best scratch resistance and provides for the most durable ingredient for an anti-reflection coating application. Plastic lens materials scratch easier than glass materials and therefore benefit greatly with the application of a durable hard coat.

Anti Reflection

Anti-reflective coatings improve the clarity of your lenses and virtually eliminate reflections others see in your prescription glasses. By having a pair of anti-reflection lenses, you’ll enjoy direct eye contact, unhindered by distracting reflections, it has 9 layers and blocks up to 95% of glare typically green and pink in color
Anti Reflection Coating
Easy Clean Coating

Easy Clean

A multi-layer anti-reflective coating with hydrophobic top coat applied over the hard coat to give excellent visual performance and durability. Making it more easy to clean

Smart Blue

Specifically designed to give added comfort and protection to users of digital devices. By filtering out blue light from selected wavelengths. smart blue can give enhanced comfort to the wearer reducing visual discomfort at home, in the office or on the road. The surface coating colour is blue.
Smart Blue Coating
Smart Gold Coating

Smart Gold

Our Smart Gold Coating is an innovative lens coating that provides maximum visual comfort for driving, especially in poor light conditions. Be it at night, in dim lighting, in foggy weather or dazzling sunlight, Smart Gold offers superior visual comfort compared with ordinary clear lenses, the surface coating colour is gold/orange

Super Easy Clean UV400 Protect

Premium anti-reflection coating combines the benefits of EASY CLEAN with the addition of ultra-smooth oleophobic and anti-static properties. Electrostatic charges are eliminated by a conductive layer within the anti reflection coating, minimising the attraction of dust. This is the best coating money can buy.
Super Easy Clean UV400 Protect Coating
Lens Tints. And Uv400 Protection Coating


Whether for function or fashion, adding a coloured tint to plain lenses can help reduce eyestrain and glare, protect against potentially harmful UV rays and increase visual perception by improving contrast and enhancing depth awareness.


If you’re adding a coloured tint to your lenses, No matter what colour or shade we apply a UV protection FREE of charge, which will protect your eyes from the sun; prolonged exposure to which could eventually damage the retina and lead to cataracts.

A UV protection coating added to clear lenses can give you the same protection as sunglasses, without changing the colour.


Our Aqua Coating is a colourless Anti Reflection coating with all the same properties as our easy clean coating, The Aqua lens coating permits more light to be transmitted through the lens and thus improves the quality of vision, if you are wanting an anti reflection coating or easy clean coating without the green or violet residual colour reflections this coating is for you, it also has anti scratch coating incorporated into it.
Inner Page Aqua
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This is a new technology that we have adapted to allow you to have both Smart Blue And Easy Clean all in one Coating. This coating also has all the benefits of Anti Scratch, Anti Reflection UV400 protection and Blue Light protection, all rolled into one. Not only is this coating perfect for computer use to block out blue light. It’s a fantastic all-around coating for all-day everyday use.


Our Smart Adapt Coating is a brand new coating we have brought to the market, it blocks 99.8% of all reflections, making it the most effective Anti reflection Coating on the market, the most unique part of this coating is that it changes colour and adapts, depending on the nature of the light hitting the surface of the lens, with spot lights it will show a blue colour, with strip lights you’ll get more of a violet colour, and outdoors in natural light you’ll get an amber light Gold colour. Our Smart coating also includes, Anti Sctratch, Easy Clean, Anti Static, and vision enhancement properties.
Is this finally the perfect coating for all?


  • anti scratch
  • Anti reflection
  • Easy clean
  • Anti static
  • UV400 protection
  • Vision enhancement
  • You’ll look really cool
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Essilor Coatings


Coatings are an important addition to your lenses, not only for the most advanced optical quality and benefit to your eye health but also for longevity and durability.

Crizal Easy UV
Crizal Sapphire UV
Crizal Prevencia

Transitions Signature GEN 8 ™️ is available in 3 iconic colours, creating the perfect combination of frame and lenses. These are recommended for those looking for fast responsive technology of lenses that are clear indoor and tinted when they go out in the sun. Excellent technology that protects your eyes from harmless blue-violet light and adapts to surrounding light conditions, giving more comfortable vision.

Transitions XTRActive™️ give you superior visual comfort, indoors, outdoors and even in the car. Constant protection from harmful light as the lens has a subtle indoor tint that attenuates the harshness of modern lighting.