The LEXCE Trend is a feature-rich, all-in-one edger.

It incorporates a high performance drill, an intelligent blocker and a frame tracer in a compact body. Driven by two types of user interface.

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Multiple configurations can be chosen from different model types depending on the situation of all optical shops and labs, either as a new integration or as an additional unit.

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The drill unit uses a 5-axis mechanism, providing a high degree of accuracy for all our rimless Reglaze jobs. The processing unit that runs the drill, also performs high quality safety beveling and grooving on any lens NIDEK original design 3-D frame tracer performs highly precise measurements.

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Additionally, two types of tracing methods are available for tracing demo lenses and patterns with the LEXCE Trend Thanks to avant-garde design and engineering innovations, the LEXCE Trend is technologically advanced, offering consistency and size accuracy while encompassing a faster cycle-time.

A 7-inch color LCD touch screen displays lens shape and layout in full scale. Processing conditions can be intuitively entered on the screen. making it incredibly accurate for our Reglaze service

This machine will be used to process your rimless and half rimless frames you send us for Reglaze.

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