The key to adjusting to a new pair of lenses is simple; wear them as much as you can. Your eyes and brain need time to process the change in imagery, accepting the sharpness or vividness of your surroundings.

It could be that, in compensating for your previous poor vision, your brain requires additional time to adjust to the ‘new normal. This is most common when adapting to your first pair of glasses or a drastic change in prescription.

Putting your new lenses on as soon as you wake up is one way to help adapt your vision, as this is when your eyes are at their freshest. Waiting a couple of hours before donning your lenses can shock the brain, resulting in adverse effects being felt later in the day.

I can’t adjust to my new lenses; should I switch back to my old pair of glasses?

Eye Lenses

No. Wearing your new prescription lenses will help your eyes adjust. Don’t be tempted to switch back to your old eyewear, as this can slow down the adjustment process.

Of course, if after two or three days you are still really struggling to adjust to your new lenses, speak with your optician, as a potential problem might be a faulty prescription. If this is the case, your eyes will not adjust correctly to your new lenses

Incorrect prescriptions are not uncommon. Despite the utmost care being observed when taking measurements, human errors can sometimes occur, even with the aid of computer-controlled lens creation.

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